Friday, January 24, 2014

『Haul/Review』EyeCandy's Haul {STYLENANDA 3 Concept Eyes Makeup}

So I said I would be reviewing Jolse, but I decided to save that for my next post. I recently ordered from and here's my review!

~Note: The opinions expressed in this post are my opinions, and this post is not sponsored in any way.

Ordering and Shipping

I ordered three products around December 20th. On Dec. 26, I finally get an email saying my items have shipped. {Okay, great}. But then I got another email the next day saying that 2 of the items I ordered "were out of stock at the time I ordered". {Okay, why wasn't there stock automatically updated. But okay~} So I sent them an email (on the 28th) asking them to provide me a list of the colors that were in stock for those two items.
Then, they send an email back (on the same day) saying "our stock is changing everyday, so please tell us the color you would like". {Okay, seriously, just tell me what you have in stock or what you estimate will be in stock. If I tell you a color, then you check and it isn't in stock wouldn't it have been easier to just tell me what is already in stock?}

So I responded and said I would like a list of all the colors available, again. So they finally send me a list of the available colors. (on the 29th). Then I responded an chose out the available colors and finally on the 1st of January they send a confirmation email that my items "will be shipped out in the next 3 days".

So anyways after that "hassle". I received two packages separately, one with the first item (that was in stock) and the other with my other two items. The first arrived around January 17th and the second arrived two days ago on the 21st.

-Not happy with their shipping and ordering process.
The shipping, however, was free so that is a plus. - They have free worldwide shipping.

Package and Items

So I don't have a picture of the first package, but it was in a black plastic package with bubble wrap inside.
Here is the second package. It's a pink (cute!) bubble wrap envelope.
Contrary to their messy shipping process, the items were very neat and packaged well.

I ordered: (I used a coupon code for the holiday sale, so the total was less than the expected price)
1. 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner- in *WOW Pink* - $14.99
2. 3CE Lip Lacquer- in *Fever* (originally ordered it in *Backstage*)- $21.90
3. 3CE Face Blush - in *Valentine Pink* (originally ordered it in *Cotton Candy*) - $18.96

They didn't send any samples with either package. :( 
{Which I sort of expected since I spent of $50, and I have ordered from other websites and paid only $20 or bought only one item and still got plenty of samples} 

Eyecandy's Rating: 7/10
I really like that everything was packaged neatly and the free shipping. But, the shipping process and how long it took to arrive was very annoying. Even so, I will probably order from EyeCandy's again because it is so far one of the few online stores to carry 3 Concept Eyes products (and provide free worldwide shipping)! I'll just be sure to email in advance to make sure everything I want is in stock! ^_^~


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