Tuesday, July 1, 2014

『Review』Missha's The Style Two-in-one Fit-in Gel Liner Review

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So I used this eyeliner in my previous make-up tutorial: Sea Green Shine Makeup Look; but I wanted to post an official review of this because I really love it!

Missha The Style Two-in-one Fit-in Gel Liner in color No.1 Black Twinkle:

Official Missha US Website Photo
My photo
The eyeliner comes in a small glass jar with two sides (hence the Two-in-one); one with the upper eyeliner (black) and the under liner/shadow (gold).

Swatch Test:
Black Gel Liner

The liner has a very smooth application and it stick's well. From right to left in the picture, first is applied normally, middle is a thin line, and third is thick and smudged.
What I love about this gel liner is how sharp it looks when applied! It also stays like that pretty much all day, and stick's really well.
Gold Liner/ Shadow
The Gold Gel Liner is honestly both an eyeliner and an eye shadow. From the top, the first is normal application, bottom is when smudged. If applied lightly and in a thin line, it can be used as an under eyeliner. But I also use this as an eye shadow base (when smudged) because it stick's really well and helps to keep other eye shadows (that don't last as long) to have a longer wearing time.

Black gel liner applied on eye;  I didn't take any pictures of the gold liner.
Overall, I really love this gel liner! I would recommend using a very thin and/or angled eyeliner brush, if you want a thin defined eyeliner line. This gel liner get's thick very easily when using a regular eyeliner brush. It doesn't smudge easily and it stick's on all day.

Rating: 7 out of 10

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