Tuesday, June 10, 2014

『Review』3CE Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner Review and Makeup Tutorial Preview


I actually started this post back in May but I didn't get around to finishing it because of finals!
Anyway, here's the review!

This is the outside package of 3 Concept Eyes Creamy Waterproof Eyeliner in *Wow Pink*
Back of box

 Actual Pencil
 Everything is sealed very nicely, so it makes it easy to see if your item is 100% new!
Pencil Sharpener, you can also twist the eyeliner upward, when the sharpener is intact.
 Tip of the eyeliner pencil, very vibrant color!

 And now, for the color and waterproof tests!

Top: The top line is without smudging, the bottom two lines are after I smudged the eyeliner a bit. The color stayed vibrant even after smudging and it sticks really well.
Bottom Left: After rinsing my hand in water.
Bottom Right: After dabbing my hand with a cotton towel to dry it. The eyeliner didn't fade at all after drying the water, and the color is still very bright! So a definite pass on the waterproof test!

Overall, I absolutely love this pencil eyeliner! The pencil sharpener at the bottom is really convenient, the color is vibrant and fun; and the waterproof ability is amazing! Now that summer is here, I plan on going to the pool and beach as much as possible, so this eyeliner will definitely be a must-have in my make-up bag!

Makeup Tutorial Preview

This look will make your eyes sparkle in the sun. The light pink mineral eye shadow contrasting with the vibrant hot pink and black elongated eyeliner will define and highlight the natural shape of your eyes and really make your natural eye color pop!

I will post the tutorial later this week!


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